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Murano041 Studio

It seems so easy to turn a light on today.
But wouldn’t it be a dream to be PART of the light?
Confined to darkness, bent for thousands of years with a curved posture, humans were attracted by the sun and straightened up like the horns of a deer. Facing the light they slowly started to look higher and further away, elevating their minds.
Vital light is the universe’s creation.
I have the ability to tame and capture light in unique creations, crafted entirely by hand and constantly reinterpreted through continuous research.
Entering everyone’s daily lives, I invite collectors to be part of the possible transformations, to enlighten their colours.
What a revelation it is to live and create in Murano!
The Maestro blows and models the glass, his assistants prepare it and heat up the colours.
Together they complete the piece of art.
Whether the glass is light or solid, cut or engraved, shining silver bathes the mirrors and light brings transparency to each creation.
Bright energy of Light is made of poetry, love, patience, respect, harmony.
All of this brings us happiness!
MEE “Murano Lab” has the power to bring out the light inside you...